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Community Event: Talk on Human Rights situation in Kashmir by Mushaal Hussain Mullick

Ms. Mushaal Hussain Mullick, peace activist and wife of Yasin Malik, Chairman, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), gave a talk on the deteriorating human rights situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) on 22 April 2018 at the Embassy of Pakistan, Oslo, Norway.

 Ms. Mullick called upon the people and civil society to support the legal and just struggle for the right of self determination of Kashmiris and create awareness about the worsening human rights situation in IOK. She highlighted that instability and volatility in the valley had been steadily increasing. Curbs on the assembly and movement of people through draconian laws, closure of schools and universities and random search operations had crippled the daily lives of the Kashmiri

She underscored that the use of pellet guns in the valley by Indian security forces have left men, women and young children injured and blinded. Women are left to fend for their families due to growing numbers of killed and missing persons, mostly men. Women faced daily humiliation through body searches at the hands of security officials. Ms. Mullick noted that these atrocities were committed in blatant violation of all principles of human rights.

Ms. Mullick expressed concern over the institutionalized means adopted to change the demographic composition of Kashmir through killings, forced evacuations and settlement of beggars and non-Muslim population in Kashmir. She observed that despite the continued aberration of justice and rule of law, the Kashmiris were united in their struggle for a transparent resolution of Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes of the people of Kashmir, and were committed to their right of self determination as enshrined in various UN Security Council resolutions.

Oslo, 23 April 2018