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Instructions regarding Machine Readable Passport


Machine Readable Passports services has been started at Pakistan Embassy Stockholm Sweden. All applicants belongs to Sweden and Finland are advised to contact at Stockholm Embassy for their passport applications.

   Timings for MRP Passport 09:30 to 12:00   ( Monday to Thursday )


All applicants must have the photocopies of their current passport, Visa and valid NICOP/CNIC. Separate fees receipt is required for each applicant in case of family or group.


   For Enquiries and Information  please call +47 23 13 60 80

   Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


     Embassy’s Account number 7878-05-28051 

    BIC:    DNBANOKK                              IBAN:   NO6078780528051

Fee-Chart for MRP Passport

Validity Pages Ordinary ( 20 days ) Urgent ( 10 days )

5 years

36 pages 280 NOK 480 NOK
72 pages 510 NOK 850 NOK
100 pages 560 NOK 1110 NOK
           ( 10 Years passports issued only to the applicants age 15 years are above  )

10 years

36 pages 504 NOK 864 NOK
72 pages 918 NOK 1530 NOK
100 pages 1008 NOK 1998 NOK
  • ordinary application. ( 20 Days)
  • urgent application.  (10 Days)
  • Separate fees receipt is required for each applicant in case of family or group.
  • Bank receipt showing deposit of fee 280/- Kr for normal application and 480/- Kr for Urgent application. (To be deposited In Bank or Post office in cash form or by debit Card in Account number 7878-05-28051 or paid by debit  card at the Embassy).


  • Documents Required:
    Note: All applicants must also present originals of these documents.
  1. A copy of National Identity Card (CNIC/NICOP).
  2. A copy of Pakistani Passport (from page 1-3)  
  3. In case the applicant is below 18 years, please provide a copy of NICOP/CRC Form (Computerized registration certificate)  from NADRA (Form-B from NADRA).
  4. A copy of Valid Norwegian Resident Permit (oppholdstillatelse). Applicants from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania have to provide copies of their respective Visa and Residency cards.
  5. Foreign Passport along with its two copies (for dual nationality holders only).
  6. Fresh NOC required for the Government Employee/Officers from their respective department.
  • Delivery:
  • Original Passport requied during the collection of new passport.
  • Normal Passport = 20 Days
  • Urgent  Passport  = 10 Days.

NOTE CNIC/NICOP is mandatory  for MRP.

For applicants: Below 18 years of age

  • Separate fees receipt is required for each person in case of family or group.
  • Documents: Original Computerized Registration Certificate (CRC)/NICOP issued by NADRA and its photocopy.
  • Parents' NADRA  ID Cards and its Photocopies.
  • Foreign Passport along with its two copies, in case of  dual nationality holders only.
  • Attestation by Father / Mother on the form.
  • Normal Delivery =  20Days
  • Urgent Delivery =   10 Days.

In Case of Lost Passport:

  • First Time Loss: Double fees will be charged.

  • Second Time Loss: Quadruple fees will be charged

  • Third Time Loss: Pakistan Mission abroad will issue an emergency passport for return to Pakistan under intimation to Directorate  General  of Immigration & Passports, Islamabad, Pakistan.

  • Police Report for the lost passport and valid Visa or Residency proof from the Immigration Department.


  • No photographs & Passport forms are required.
  • For Collection of Passport, Applicant may personally visit the office or family member (Father, Mother, Husband or wife or any blood relative) may collect the passport. Original current passport must be provided during collection

Machine Readable Passport Flow

1.  Arrival of Applicant at Embassy of  Pakistan

2.  Token issuance and photograph.

3.   Biometric Data / Finger Prints Capture

4.   Data Entry

5.   Interview and Decision

6.   Collection of Passport





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