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A delegation from the Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC), Chief Minister’s Office, Punjab, visited Oslo from 17-18 April 2017. The delegation met with a large section of the Pakistani community in Norway to highlight the work of the Commission, which includes providing services to all Overseas Pakistanis and resolving their problems. The Commission also assist Overseas Pakistanis in providing information on investment and trade opportunities in Pakistan.

The main objectives of the Commission are not only re-dressing the complaints but also facilitating the Overseas Pakistanis in every possible manner, as listed below:-



  • Welfare of Overseas Pakistanis;

  • Welcoming them in mainstream;

  • Addressing their genuine complaints which fall within the provision of the Provincial Government;

  • Protection from grabbing and similar other hazards;

  • Facilitation in their investments;

  • Refer the proposals of Overseas Pakistanis relating to investment to the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade and ensure their early processing;

  • Removing hurdles and assisting in policy decisions on the basis of suggestions received from Overseas Pakistanis; and

  • Recommend initiation of anti-corruption proceedings against a public servant where, on the basis of preliminary findings, a prima facie case for criminal action under the relevant law is made out in relation to protection of rights of Overseas Pakistanis.

The visit was organized with the collaboration of the Pakistan Community Norway, headed by Ch. Azhar Iqbal. The Ambassador hosted a lunch in honour of the visiting delegation, in which prominent members of the Pakistani-origin community were invited.

Link of Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) has been placed at the Embassy’s website and visited all member of the community to gain information about the Commission.


19 April 2017.