Consular Section

09:15am to 12:00pm
(Monday to Friday)
(Friday only delivery of documents)

Telephone & Email Enquiries

Ambassador’s Office: 0047-24126105


Visa & Nationality : 0047-24126106


13:30 to 15:30 (Monday-Thursday)

Passport: Email:


NADRA Helpline: +92-51-2770000

Consular Services

Forms and Instructions regarding

Registered return envelope must be attached with all the documents sent through courier services.

(A) : Form and Instructions regarding Renunciation of Nationality:

Please download instructions above regarding required documents.

If your children already have Norwegian citizenship, please DO NOT enter their names in Form-X. If UDI has offered citizenship to children below 21 years, please enter their names in their father’s Renunciation Application along with Original Offer letters in their names from UDI. If father has already acquired Norwegian citizenship then the child must wait until 21 to submit his/her own renunciation case.

Please Note:      Applicant must write his/ her name at the backside of photographs.


(B): Attestation

 Attestation Fee: (Payable at embassy counter with visa debit card)

  • NOK 200/- Normal
  • NOK 400/- Urgent (Delivered back in 24 hours )

Embassy’s Account number 7878-05-28051

BIC: DNBANOKK IBAN: NO6078780528051

Rules for Attestation of Documents

  1. All documents issued by Pakistani authorities that needs to be presented to Norwegian authorities would be attested by the Embassy provided;
  •                  These are attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or by one of its Camp Offices in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar                          and Quetta.
  1. All documents issued by the Norwegian authorities that needs to be presented to the Pakistani authorities would be attested by the Embassy provided;
  •                     These are attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

All documents having no connection with Norway Government like Power of Attorney by Pakistani Origin Norwegian passport holders or otherwise, do not need attestation from local Notary Public or Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mandatory Requirements for Attestation of all Power of Attornies Related To Movable/Immovable Properties

  1. Copy of POC/NICOP/NIC of the person giving (Giver of Power of Attorney).


  1. Copy of Pakistani ID card/NICOP/POC of the Beneficiary (To whom POA is being given)


  1. Copy of the proof of ownership (Registry, Fard etc.)


  1. All individuals giving the Power of Attorney must be physically present at the Consular Window at the Embassy.


  1. The Power of Attorney must be preferably signed by two witnesses of Pakistani Origin or, if not possible, a person holding Norwegian Passport with Pakistani descent. A copy of their NICOP/POC/NIC or Norwegian passport should be attached.


  1. The POA should have latest photo of the person “Giver of Power of Attorney” in case of movable/immovable property.


  1. The documents must be signed in front of the Consular Officer of the Embassy who will write “signed in my presence without prejudice to the contents of documents” before signatures.



Report of the Lost Pakistani Passport

(C): Registration of Birth:

Fee: (Payable at embassy counter with visa debit card)

Fee NOK 124/-

Embassy’s Account number 7878-05-28051

BIC: DNBANOKK IBAN: NO6078780528051


(D): MRP (Machine Readable Passports):




Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Fee: (Payable at embassy counter with visa debit card)

Separate fees receipt is required for each applicant in case of family or group.

Embassy’s Account number 7878-05-28051

BIC: DNBANOKK IBAN: NO6078780528051

( 10 Years passports issued only to the applicants age 15 years are above )

Validity Pages Ordinary ( 20 days ) Urgent ( 10 days )
5 years 36 pages 280 NOK 480 NOK
5 years 72 pages 510 NOK 850 NOK
5 years 100 pages 560 NOK 1110 NOK
10 years 36 pages 504 NOK 864 NOK
10 years 72 pages 918 NOK 1530 NOK
10 years 100 pages 1008 NOK 1998 NO
Documents Required:

Note: All applicants must also present originals of these documents.

  • A copy of Valid National Identity Card (CNIC/NICOP).
  • A copy of Pakistani Passport (from page 1-3)
  • In case the applicant is below 18 years, please provide a copy of NICOP/CRC Form (Computerized registration certificate) from NADRA (Form-B from NADRA).
  • A copy of Valid Norwegian Resident Permit (oppholdstillatelse).
  • Foreign Passport along with its two copies (for dual nationality holders only).
  • Fresh NOC required for the Government Employee/Officers from their respective department.

NOTE: Valid CNIC/NICOP is mandatory for MRP.

For applicants: Below 18 years of age
  • Separate fees receipt is required for each person in case of family or group.
  • Documents: Original Computerized Registration Certificate (CRC)/NICOP issued by NADRA and its photocopy.
  • Parents’ NADRA ID Cards and its Photocopies.
  • Foreign Passport along with its two copies, in case of dual nationality holders only.
  • Attestation by Father / Mother on the form.
In Case of Lost Passport:
  • First Time Loss: Double fees will be charged.
  • Second Time Loss: Quadruple fees will be charged
  • Third Time Loss: Pakistan Mission abroad will issue an emergency passport for return to Pakistan under intimation to Directorate General of Immigration & Passports, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Police Report for the lost passport and valid Visa or Residency proof from the Immigration Department.
  • No photographs & Passport forms are required.
  • For Collection of Passport, Applicant may personally visit the office or family member (Father, Mother, Husband or wife or any blood relative) may collect the passport.



For facilitation of applicants, NADRA has introduced different channels for applicants to approach NADRA. Details are as follows:


  1. In order to be more efficient and responsive towards applicant’s queries, NADRA has launched online complainant Management System (CMS). Applicants can lodge complaint at CMS and get a reply with resolution of complaint within 48 hours. The web address of CMS is

Details of the Focal Person at NADRA Headquarters are as under:

Name                    :         Syed Imran Haider, Deputy Director (IOD)

Contact Details     :         Office No. 051-90391927

Email Address      :

Applicants can also approach NADRA through NADRA Call Center at +92-51-111-786-100

NADRA has stopped Processing of all Form Based Applications, NADRA Cards can be applied Online.

For more information visit the site or call 0092-51-111 786 100

NADRA technical Support is available for assistance in online application. Kindly make an account on NADRA website using above link, an email will be received from NADRA. Kindly verify your account by clicking on the link in that email and then launch desired application (NICOP or POC).

Applicants who applied before December 15, 2015, Their POC/NICOP cases are sent via Diplomatic Bag, Kindly click on link below to find out tracking numbers.

(F): Visa applications:

Important Notice 

  • The Government of Pakistan has  introduced its online visa system for the citizens of Norway and Iceland, effective from 29th April 2019.

    Now all the applicants can apply for Pakistan visas through the online visa portal


In case of complaints, you are requested to email the embassy with your issue at

Visa Information for Journalist.

(Instructions for VISA of Children under 12 years.)

In case of minors (under 12 years), both parents must sign this form preferably in person (at the Embassy’s counter); attach copies of parents passports, copy of applicant passport and child’s birth certificate (fødselsattest). If any of the parents is unable to come in person, an authority letter (fullmakt) must be attached, which is mandatory. In case the application is sent by post for a child, both parents must sign the form before a Notary Public.

(Urdu Instructions)

Documents Required for visa: 

  • Two passport size recent colored photographs.
  • Original receipt showing deposit of Visa fee. Visa fee can be paid at Embassy’s counter with a Visa debiy Card.
  • Original Passport along with a copy of first page.
  • Completely filled in visa application form.
  • Passport should be valid for minimum six months.
  • In case of minors, both parents must sign visa form and attach the photocopies of father, mother and child’s passport and the birth certificate of the child.
  • A letter of recommendation is required both from Norwegian and Pakistani company if visit is sponsored by a Norwegian or a foreign company, including press/media organizations.
  • Invitation letter from Pakistan if the visit is sponsored by individual in Pakistan along with a valid ID’s copy.
  • Applicants who possess passports of countries other than Norway must produce proof of legal residence in Norway.

Emergency Contact Numbers:

The following may be contacted in case of emergency.

   1.  Mr. Sohail Aslam Khan,   Consular Assistant                           Mobile No. 0047-48611136

   2. Mr. Muhammad Imran, APS to Ambassador                           Mobile No. 0047-91256514


 Note : Non resident nationals of other countries should obtain visa from their country of origin.

Visa Fee for Norwegian Nationals only mentioned below nationals of other countries may contact visa section at telephone timing:

Fee is Payable at embassy counter with visa debit card

Embassy’s Account number 7878-05-28051

BIC: DNBANOKK IBAN: NO6078780528051

Family Visits / Tourism :

Visa Fee Applicable from 2nd April 2019 is as follows:

  • NOK 400/- for 30 Days Single Entry,
  • NOK 600/- for one year period with Multiple Entries.
Emergency Visa Fee  (For Pakistan Origins Only):
  • NOK 800/- for 30 Days Single Entry (Delivered within 24 Hours)
  • NOK 1200/- for one year Multiple Entry (Delivered within 24Hours)
Business/Work visa Fees:
  • NOK 1100/- for 30 Days Single Entry,
  • NOK 1600/- for one year period with Multiple Entries

Visa Fee Applicable from 2nd April 2019 for Icelandic Passport holders is as follows:

Family Visits / Tourism :
  • Free 
    Business/Work visa Fees:
    • NOK 1100/- for 30 Days Single Entry,
    • NOK 1600/- for one year period with Multiple Entries

Visa Procedure for Afghan Nationals/ Norwegians with Afghan origin


Note for Afghan Applicants:

Payment for visa is to be paid in DNB account No. 7878-05-28051. A complete Payment Receipt showing account number of embassy in which deposit is made along with giro  must be attached with the Visa applications. If cash is found in the applicant’s envelope, the visa application will be cancelled/ voided.


  • A correctly filled visa application form ( download form)     
  • Visa fee is not required on Afghan Passports. Visa Fees for holders of Norwegian passport / Travel Document is 400 NOK, to be paid in account No. 7878-05-28051, and attach complete receipt in original showing embassy’s account number in which fee is deposited along with gior. Print outs of Registered Payment (registrert betaling), paid from nettbank will not be accepted.
  • 02 colour passport size recent photos.
  • Passport in original along with a photocopy of first two pages.
  • Copy of the residence card (oppholdstillatelse). Please DO NOT send original card.
  • Photocopy of POR (Proof of registration Card) of a Pakistani citizen. The card is issued by NADRA in Pakistan or invitation letter form a pakistani citizen along with a valid ID’s copy.
  • Return envelope along with your name and address and recommended post tickets on it.
  • Send by post to: Embassy of Pakistan, Hovfaret 13, 0275, Oslo, Norway (Postal Address:

    Postboks 4051, AMB 0244 Oslo, Norway.

It is advised to send applications as recommended post so you can track your application on and check when we receive your application. Telephone or email inquires about receipt of Visa Application will NOT be answered.

Please do not request for personal/manual handling, this will only delay the procedure.

The procedure takes about 4-6 weeks from the day we receive a complete application.

Telephone Enquiries: 00 47- 24 12 61 06 Timings 1:30 – 2:30.

*The visa is only issued for 30 days once a calendar year and family visit visa. We do not issue tourist visa. Please do not pay more than 400 NOK per application.


Prosedyre for utstedelse av visum til Pakistan for afghanske statsborgere og norske borgere med afghansk bakgrunn

Krav som MÅ utføres for å få visum:

  • Korrekt utfylt visum søknad

(lastes ned her)

  • Har du norsk pass, betal 400 NOK til konto 7878-05-28051 og legg ved kvitteringen. Søkere med afghansk pass betaler ikke visumgebyr. Vennligst betal avgifter på et postkontor og fest originalkvitteringen med søknaden. Utskrift av “registrert betaling” fra nettbank vil ikke bli akseptert.
  • 2 passbilder, farget.
  • Pass.
  • Klar og lesbar kopi av POR (Bevis på registrering Card) av pakistansk statsborger boende i Pakistan.ID-kortet  utstedes av NADRA i Pakistan
  • Ferdig frankert (med frimerker) konvolutt med ditt navn og din adresse på.
  • Vi anbefaler at du sender søknaden som rekommendert post, slik at du kan sjekke når vi mottok din søknad. E.Post og telefon forespørsler om vi har mottatt søknaden vil ikke bli besvart.


Ingen forespørsler om personlig behandling, det vil kunne forsinke behandligstiden.

Behandlingstiden er minimum 4-6 uker, fra vi mottar en komplett søknad.


*Det utstedes kun visum for 30 dager, en gang per kalenderår og kun familievisum. Det er ikke mulighet for å få turistvisum. Vennligst ikke betal mer enn 400 NOK per søknad.

Telephone Enquiries: 00 47- 24 12 61 06  Timings 1:30 – 2:30.