Reclamation of Pak Nationality

The Embassy of Pakistan in Norway is pleased to inform that as a result of its continuous efforts, the competent authority/Secretary Interior has approved an interim arrangement to facilitate Norwegian nationals of Pakistan-origin wanting to reclaim their Pakistani nationality. The details of the arrangement given in the Ministry of Interior’s OM is attached. Y Form is also attached.

Please note that the applicants are required to bring following documents for processing the reclamation of Pakistani nationality:

1. Five (5) copies of duly typed Form-Y (handwritten forms are not accepted)

2.  Original/Five (5) copies of Renunciation Certificate

3.  Five (5) Copies of POC/NICOP/CNIC

4.  Five (5) latest passport size photographs of the applicant.

5.  In case you are entering the details of minor children in Form-Y, then also attach Birth Certificate of the minor with parents’ names on it.